CEO Greetings


With the year 2010, the competition in the domestic and overseas plant construction markets has become more intensified. Major changes to the business environment require major changes in solutions Companies unable to compete in the global market will not survive the stiff competition.

The 70 employees of SCI have sufficient experiences and technical capabilities to satisfy every customer’s requirement, even under the most severe conditions. We always provide the most economical optimized plant facilities.

Every one of us approaches a given task with information and technical know-how shared among all concerned and with sincere academic zeal to improve his job knowledge and performance.

SCI has always placed top priority on “personnel and technology” which are essential components in our management philosophy. We have fostered professionals experienced in diverse fields through a dedicated program of medium and long range education and training. We have made and will continue to make investments in extensive business areas, such as engineering design, procurement, project management, etc.

We, at SCI have so far prepared a springboard to propel us to an even higher-level of service capable of meeting the customers’ requirements. All of us will continue our efforts to meet our customers’ expectations in the coming years. We look forward to your continued support and patronage so that we can further contribute to your success as a business partner.


MOON, YONG-DUK. President